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24 & 25 October 2024

Almost half of CO2 emissions are now caused by road transport. And that should be much less soon. The Dutch government and the European Commission will push the industry with stricter rules, zero-emission zones and other objectives.


In a world increasingly focused on sustainability and electric mobility, India is playing an increasingly prominent role as an innovator and producer of electric vehicles (EVs, scooters and motorcycles) and components. The MADE in INDIA Pavilion during World of Emobility is a showcase of the impressive momentum and contributions that India is making to this emerging industry.

India has undergone a remarkable transformation in electric mobility in recent years. The government has set ambitious goals to boost sales of electric vehicles and reduce pollution in cities. The “Make in India” initiative has led to a thriving EV industry in the country, with both national and international manufacturers deploying their products and expertise.

The MADE in INDIA Pavilion is a proud representation of India’s contribution to the world of electric mobility. The pavilion displays a range of electric vehicles and showcases technologies and innovative solutions.

Major highlights of the pavilion include:

1. Indian EV Manufacturers:
The pavilion provides a platform for Indian electrical manufacturers to showcase their latest models.

2. Charging infrastructure:
The pavilion also shows the latest developments in charging infrastructure. Indian companies have invested in fast charging stations and innovative charging solutions to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles.

3. Battery Technology:
India has made significant progress in developing battery technology for EVs. The pavilion highlights the latest battery innovations, such as advanced lithium-ion batteries and new approaches to reuse and recycling.

4. Sustainability initiatives:
India is committed to promoting sustainability in the EV sector. The pavilion highlights programs and initiatives aimed at reducing the carbon footprint of electric mobility, such as the use of renewable energy sources for charging.
The pavilion not only acts as a platform for Indian companies to showcase their products and technologies, but also as an opportunity to forge collaborations and international partnerships in the world of electric mobility.

The MADE in INDIA Pavilion during World of Emobility is a symbol of India’s emergence as a major player in the global electric mobility industry. With its impressive showcase of electric vehicles, breakthrough technologies and sustainability initiatives, India is contributing to a greener and cleaner future for mobility. This pavilion offers an inspiring look at what is possible when innovation, sustainability and ambition come together to pave the way for electric mobility worldwide.

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