For the production of collectors for e-Highways, in which parts of the motorway network are provided with overhead wires for electrically powered trucks, Siemens will collaborate with Continental Engineering.

Such an e-Highway supplies electric-powered trucks on busy highway sections with electricity via an overhead pipeline. There, the trucks and buses can drive fully electrically and at the same time charge their batteries. This technology, developed by Siemens Mobility, is already operational today.


But one has to develop the collectors (pant collectors) for the vehicles even further. This is to be able to offer them cost-effectively and in any desired quantity. Siemens Mobility and Continental Engineering Services (CES) will work together on the development of these collectors in the future.

The new partnership combines expertise from two technological worlds. Siemens Mobility is a specialist in rail electrification, while CES is a service provider in the development and production of automotive technologies. Both companies are pooling their know-how to start the series production of collectors as soon as possible.


It is not necessary to provide all kilometers of motorway with overhead wires and thus electrify. By 2030, they want to equip about 4,000 kilometers of highway with overhead wires. In this way, a high contribution to climate protection can be quickly achieved. After all, approximately two-thirds of the fuel consumption in long-distance truck traffic on German motorways takes place on this ‘core network’ of the 13,000-kilometre-long motorway network.

With the e-Highways, ten to twelve million tons of CO2 can be saved annually. But then the electrification must be successful, so that the electric-powered trucks are supplied with power while driving., This appears from a recently conducted study by the German Federal Ministry of Transport. It is of course assumed that the electricity used comes from renewable sources.

Three routes

In Germany, the Siemens Mobility e-Highway is being tested on three public routes. These are located on the A1 between the Reinfeld interchange and the Lübeck motorway interchange, on the A5 between the Zeppelinheim/Cargo City Süd and Darmstadt/Weiterstadt interchanges and on the B462 between Kuppenheim and Gaggenau.

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