The team “Forze Hydrogen Racing” is a Dutch team of students engaged in racing. Forze Hydrogen Racing wants to show the world that hydrogen is a very sustainable solution with great potential for today’s mobility.

Experience under real conditions

The team was founded in 2007 by Edgar van Os and derives from the Formula Zero competition. Forze’s mission is to promote hydrogen as the fuel of the future in the automotive industry. Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) decided to support the initiative in order to give students the opportunity to gain professional experience under real conditions. The students can take on one of the various roles in the Dutch racing team for a year. This is an important phase for the student in their academic education. In addition to developing zero-emission racing vehicles, the students learn a lot about technology and marketing during their year assignment, and acquire basic business skills.

Forze Hydrogen Racing hydrogen fuel cells

From karts to race cars

In the fifteen years of its existence, the team has evolved from building karts to Le Mans Prototype racing cars that compete in official competitions. Each year, a group of students dedicate their time to designing, developing and manufacturing hydrogen-powered race cars. This is to show the world that the future of racing also lies in hydrogen. A sustainable alternative to conventional cars that use fossil fuels. These sustainable, hydrogen-powered race cars have to compete with conventional race cars. That such a thing is only possible with real dedication, the students of Forze have proven year after year.

Participate in the GT Class

This spring, the Forze Hydrogen Racing team announced its intention to compete in GT Class races. There they will have to compete against renowned brands such as Porsche, Ferrari and Lamborghini. This is what Operations Manager Ricarda Warnat told the virtual Hydrogen Generation event.

“We are a team of 60 students from Tu Delft, many of whom give up their studies for a year. We have designed, built and raced the world’s fastest hydrogen-electric race cars,” Warnat said. Ultimately, they also want to participate in the 24 Hours of Le Mans in the future.

Forze Hydrogen Racing race car

Forze iX in development

The current team is currently working on their ninth car, the Forze IX. The new version should be a significant improvement over its predecessor, the Forze VIII, and have double the power. This is expected to be their fastest race car to date, with a maximum speed of 300 km/h.

Faster than conventional racing cars

The Forze VIII was also anything but slow. Two summers ago, this car outperformed its petrol competitors in an official race at the Assen circuit.

Four wheel drive

A new aspect to the Forze IX is the four-wheel drive. A technology is used that ensures that all four wheels can be driven independently of each other. In a bend, the inner and outer wheels have different speeds. As a result, the forces exerted by the wheels on the road are much better distributed.

Two fuel cells

The Forze IX will also get not one but two fuel cells from now on. These convert the hydrogen into electricity for the electric motors that drive the car. This car gets two because they are convinced that this offers technical advantages. Team Forze puts all its knowledge into the development of the first power unit. This is first extensively tested and developed before the second – almost identical – unit is also put into use. An advantage of the double system is that there is always a functioning system to make it to the pitlane.

The Forze IX should be ready in October this year. After that, the development will be handed over to the next generation of students, who will further optimize the car and make it race-ready.

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