Citroën’s The Urban Collectif should give us a taste of future urban mobility

Citroën joined forces with the hotel chain Accor and outdoor advertising specialist JCDecaux in the creative partnership ‘The Urban Collëctif’. In this context, the partners developed a new mobility concept called Citroën Autonomous Mobility Vision.


The concept includes an autonomous and fully electric mobility platform called ‘Citroën Skate’, which forms the basis for the concept, as well as various ‘pods’ for additional services and applications. Three types of these pods have been devised for the time being, with the melodious names ‘Sofitel En Voyage’, ‘Pullman Power Fitness’ and ‘JCDecaux City Provider’. The Sofitel En Voyage is a high-quality and comfortable solution for urban mobility. In the Pullman Power Fitness you can indulge in sports activities during the ride, while the JCDecaux City Provider is an on-demand urban mobility service.

Of course, according to the designers, additional pods for additional services can also be developed. Vincent Cobée, CEO of Citroën: “At Citroën, we study medium and long-term trends to anticipate consumer expectations and needs. We believe that this new concept can redefine the framework for urban mobility: shared, electric and autonomous With the solution we are proposing in collaboration with Accor and JCDecaux, we are inventing autonomous mobility for everyone.”

Citroën The Urban Collective Citroën The Urban Collective Citroën The Urban Collective

Citroen Skate

The Citroën Skate and the matching pods can be separated from each other. This increases versatility and applicability and is therefore the cornerstone of the concept. “This technological solution, which offers a wide range of uses, is based on a fleet of driverless, autonomous and connected vehicles that drive quietly and improve traffic flow by at least 35 percent,” said Citroën.

According to the designers, the Citroën Skate can drive on special lanes in city centers. This guarantees smooth and optimized mobility. It is a compact platform that contains all the necessary technology and is only 2.60 meters long, 1.60 meters wide and 51 centimeters high. For safety, the maximum speed is limited to 25 km/h.

A striking aspect of the Citroën Skate are the particularly omnidirectional wheels. These designed and developed by Goodyear. They are equipped with small electric motors and allow a 360° freedom of movement. The platform can drive in any direction, rotate on its axis and also manage to find its way into tight spaces and tight passages.

Naturally, the Citroën Skate is equipped with all the necessary technology for autonomous driving, such as radar and lidar sensors. The Skate can operate almost continuously. It is completely autonomous and charging can be done completely automatically wirelessly via induction at special charging stations.

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