Transport in densely populated cities is becoming increasingly problematic. These cities are getting fuller and fuller. One of the possible solutions is the use of smaller vehicles. After all, they take up less space.

The two-seat City Transformer, which we can admire, goes one step further. It can make itself narrower in the event of an obstacle. The solution if the street is blocked by, for example, a delivery van of a parcel deliverer. This concept, as we saw at the Triggo in 2020, will be presented at the IAA 2021 in Munich by the Israeli startup of the same name.

Innovative folding mechanism

According to the company’s website, making it narrower can even be done while driving. It does not show exactly how this works and up to what speed this is possible. Does the website It is clear from the startup that it is about an innovative folding mechanism, as can also be seen in the video.

In normal Exhale Mode, the City Transformer is only 1.48m wide. In the Inhale Mode, the wheels do not protrude beyond the body and it is only 1.00 meters wide. Barely more than a bicycle or scooter. Despite the adjustable track width, the chassis is said to be able to dissipate a lot of energy in the event of a collision. The vehicle is also equipped with the necessary assistance systems that contribute to safety.

Extremely agile

Not only can it make itself narrower, but it is also extremely manoeuvrable due to its short length of less than 2.50 meters. The turning circle is 5.5 meters. Due to the short length, it can also be parked sideways, just like with the Smart Fortwo. This is often prohibited, but it is often tolerated as long as it does not cause any nuisance.

Top speed up to 90 km/h

The developers have been working on this skateboard-based concept for a few years now. We should see version 3.1 at the IAA. This probably has a 48 volt Li-Ion battery with a capacity of 6 or 14 kWh. The battery can be fully charged in six hours via the wall socket, with a DC fast charging station the battery can be charged to eighty percent in half an hour.

The City Transformer has two electric motors that drive the rear wheels. The system power would be about 15 kW, which should allow a maximum speed of 90 km/h in the Exhale Mode (which is also called Driving Mode). In Inhale Mode (also called Narrow Mode), the maximum speed of the 450-kilogram City Transformer is limited to a maximum of 45 km/h. At the moment, the manufacturer does not make any statements about the range, but at an earlier stage there was talk of 180 km.

City Transformer

Autonomous driving

The company says it is also working on autonomous driving. The City Transformer should at least offer some autonomous driving capabilities. Furthermore, according to the startup, the vehicle will have a digitized instrument panel including a head-up display.

car sharing

The developer also says that the City Transformer will use cloud-based software for use in fleets and for use as a shared car.


The base model of the City Transformer is expected to cost 11,000 euros. Those interested in the City Transformer can place a pre-order for about 150 euros.

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