Plug-in hybrids (PHEVs) were the most popular new cars in Europe for five months. But that won’t last long. The turning point came towards the end of the first half of the year. Then the all-electric cars became the most sold type.

Although at the time of writing we only have the official data until the end of May 2021, it is clear that Tesla in particular had a large share in this. The American car brand had a kind of final sprint at the end of last quarter and contributed massively to the sale of fully electric cars in June.

BEVs catch up quickly

More than half a million new PHEVs were registered in the first six months of the year. The fully electric cars lagged slightly behind (527,742 to 483,304 cars). An analysis of the registration figures of fully electric cars shows that these are dominated by volume manufacturers. With the PHEVs, the growth is mainly in the premium brands. Tesla’s record quarter (35,700 registrations in Europe) as well as increased imports from China contributed to strong sales growth.

Over a million new registrations of both species

Automotive analyst Matthias Schmidt expects more than a million new cars to be registered for both the PHEVs and BEVs by the end of this year. His analysis seems to indicate that the sales of plug-in hybrids are mainly due to a wider choice of models on the market.

Among the PHEVs, the Ford Kuga is the best-selling car, with the Volvo XC40 in second place and the BMW 3 Series in third place in the standings. The Renault Captur is one of the fastest climbers. The electric car ranking is led by the Tesla Model 3, followed by the Volkswagen ID.3 and the Renault ZOE.

Here, the Volkswagen ID.4 is one of the strongest climbers, as is the Škoda Enyaq iV (which also comes from the VW group). The Tesla Model Y and the Audi Q4 e-tron will be launched in the second half of the year. We can expect a lot from these new models, so that the ranking will undoubtedly look different at the end of the year.

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