More and more people looking for an environmentally friendly, original mode of transport for their commute are opting for an e-bike with a retro design. You see those retro e-bikes more and more, both from existing brands and from new brands and crowdfunded startups.

Due to the abundance of retro e-bikes, it is becoming increasingly difficult for manufacturers to rise a little above the ground. However, that is no problem at all for the models of the Polish Avionics brand. They also combine design from bygone times with contemporary technology, but in a way that you can only dream of.

A childhood dream come true

The Avionics story begins in 2015. Jaromir and Bartek first met on a beach in the Baltic Sea. The shared passions of the men formed the basis for the creation of Avionics. With this, they wanted to use their fascinations with aviation, transportation and fast vehicles to create a product that would be powerful, make its user happy and also look incredibly good. Jaromir and Bartek accomplished that mission incredibly well. Like a childhood dream come true.

Avionics V2

Avionics e-bikes have a pure form that combines wood, steel, leather and rubber in a vehicle that exudes passion, power, elegance and sportiness. The result is a wonderfully successful mix of styles, shapes and materials. And also one of contrasts, because Avionics e-bikes are both exclusive and spartan.

About five years ago, the media already wrote in superlatives about the Avionics V1. The current V2 also combines the look & feel of a vintage motorcycle in an inimitable way with the modern technology of an e-bike. Of course, these exclusive e-bikes have a hefty price, but that is completely of secondary importance. If you look at a vehicle that turns heads in an instant in a stylish, environmentally friendly way, you simply can’t help but notice the e-bikes from Avionics to.

Avionics retro e-bike

Classic meets high-tech

The first impression is that of a classic motorcycle from the 1930s or 1940s. The elegant leaf spring on which the saddle – of course with built-in rear light – rests, gives the impression that a petrol tank is present. The frame is made of shiny black chrome-molybdenum steel. This forms a beautiful contrast with the Jatoba wooden battery housing, headlight, handles and saddle and the chrome leaf spring of the saddle. That battery housing at the bottom of the frame suggests that there is a real engine. So nothing could be further from the truth.

Range up to 120 kilometers

The electric motor is concealed in the hub of the rear wheel and has a power of 4 kW. This allows the Navionics e-bike to reach a speed of no less than 58 km/h. Far too much to use it as a normal e-bike on public roads. Therefore, the user can reduce the power in steps up to 250 Watts. In this position, the 24 Ah battery gives the e-bike a range of up to 120 kilometers. More than enough for daily trips to work and fun weekend trips.


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